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Personal service, unlimited solutions.

We do everything involved with Time and Attendance. We sell and repair Time Stamps used throughout many government offices and other various businesses requiring proof of date and time. We sell and repair all types of Time Clocks and sell time cards and ribbons as well. We also have all types of ribbons and over one hundred different Time Cards to choose from. We also sell a web-based payroll system and payroll software that can link directly from your Time clock or virtual Clock on your PC and export to over 100 payroll systems.

Time tracking expertise.

Lori - OwnerWith experience in sales, finance, payroll and small business consulting for the past eight years, I take an active role in helping you improve your business through time management. My main philosophy is to "WOW" our customers, take care of their needs and give them the best customer service possible.

This company gives me that opportunity along with the chance to take our current and prospective customers to a new level.

Thanks so much for your "TIME"!

Lori - Signature

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Clock Repair Service

Our service goes beyond simple repairs and maintenance. We offer full clock repair services that we guarantee will have things running smoothly again.

To learn more about our repair services, please visit our services page.

Hours: Mon - Fri 9:00a.m. to 4:00p.m.
1-888-393-1459 (toll free)
319-573-9815 (cell phone)
Owner: Lori Kintzle
Bought April 2009 after coming back from the flood